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  • The daily office habits you need to break to be more productive

    None of us are as productive as we can be all the time. And although it’s fine to have ‘off days’, when productivity starts to become a drain on the business, or ‘slack days’ outweigh the more productive of days, it can spell disaster. Often down to a number of habits that you’re probably not aware you’re d...

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  • Why Choose Remote Service and Support?

    There was a time when all business and computer support needed to be carried out on-site, meaning businesses would often find themselves waiting hours and sometimes days for someone to come and fix a problem. Not only was this a hassle and annoyance for those trying to stay on top of tasks, but it also had an impact on the amount of work getting do...

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  • How to Get the Best Out of Working Remotely

    It seems we’re all starting to do it. Working from home or when we’re out of the office has been made possible in recent years because of greater connectivity and cloud services, and a willingness of employers to let it happen. Businesses can offer better, flexible options for their employees and help improve productivity at the same t...

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  • Should Managers Embrace Remote Working Culture?

    There was a time when working remotely for whatever reason wasn’t just foreign but unthinkable. A good segment of the population believed to work is to leave the house early in the morning and return in the evening after a busy and draining day worsened by the ever busy commute. However, the truth of the 21st century worker is that he's b...

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  • The origins of remote service and support

    From entrepreneurs to educators, there’s barely a sector that can’t utilise the advantages of remote support. Research from the New Jersey Institute of Technology last year showed that 45% of American freelancers alone are working remotely, not including employees and business owners, with advantages such as boosted efficiency, producti...

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